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Dementia care experts meet in Hooton

A group of dementia care experts met in Hooton, Cheshire, this week as part of Dementia Action Week to share knowledge and look at ways of improving the service for patients.

A dozen Admiral nurses and memory assessment nurses from across Wirral and Cheshire attended the event, held at the Meeting Centre in Waterworks Lane in Hooton.

It was the first of a series of biannual meetings organised by Dementia Resource Community.

Guest speakers included dementia expert Dr Alison Ward from the University of Northampton, Consultant Admiral Nurse Rachel Thompson an expert in Lewy Body Dementia, Dr Karen Harrison-Dening, Head of Research and Publications for Dementia UK and RMN Senior Admiral Nurse Anne Calvert.

The event was organised by Admiral Nurse Cathrina Moore, who founded Dementia Resource Community, a non-profit subsidiary of Chapel House Care in Puddington, to improve life for dementia patients in Wirral and Cheshire.

The Chapel House DRC works with Dementia UK to provide Admiral Nurses to a number of key partner organisations in Wirral and Cheshire.

Admiral Nurses are registered nurses with significant experience of working with people with dementia. They help people with dementia to stay at home for longer as well as working in other care settings, including care homes.

Cathrina said: “The aim of Dementia Resource Community is to make a difference to those living with a dementia diagnosis and to provide the practical advice that families need.

“This was the first time we have been able to meet and I was delighted that so many dementia experts from across the country came to our inaugural meeting.

“As well as sharing excellence and improving knowledge, it was a chance to look at what’s new in dementia care provision and discuss our ideas for how the service could be developed.”https://dementiaresourcecommunity.co.uk/